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The Roseville New Church is a place of worship for those seeking to understand the Bible and the nature of God through the unique theological writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. Join us in worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ in His Second Coming and deepen your spiritual journey.

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The Roseville New Church worships the Lord Jesus Christ as the one true God, both in heaven and on earth. Our primary aim is to deepen our understanding of His love and wisdom, and to disseminate the distinctive and illuminating doctrines of the New Church to others. Our goal is to assist people in leading joyful and useful lives in both the present and the hereafter through the teachings we offer. 



There does not exist the person the Lord does not love. As such, it is the continual effort of the Lord to draw all people towards himself, that each of us may experience heavenly states in this life and to eternity. The degree to which the Lord desires this, and the lengths He will go to accomplish this are truly beyond human comprehension. Though difficult to comprehend, it is this expression of love we desire to manifest in this world as a New Church community.

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